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Your Neighborhood Restaurant in Sparks, NV

More than Wings in Sparks! We Have a Full Menu
If you're looking for a Sparks restaurant where the whole family can find something to suit them on the menu, we are that place! The Original Joe Bob's Chicken Joint is a unique restaurant in Sparks. We combine the family friendliness of a chain restaurant with the ambience of a sports bar.

Plus we offer a full menu in Sparks, so if you're not in the mood for a basket of our famous wings, you have many options to choose from. All of our menu items are prepared fresh to order and with no added trans-fats. Plus we offer a selection of delectable side items, like house made coleslaw and Joe Bob's Signature French Fries.

Wings, Your Neighborhood Restaurant in Sparks and Reno, NV

Dine-in or Takeout in Sparks—The Best Breasts in the West!
In addition to our award-winning wings, our full menu includes other specialties like our original wine burgers. We use wine along with top-quality Angus beef to make our burgers extra mouthwatering. All of our wine burgers combine juicy, flavorful beef with burgundy wine for a unique burger experience.

We begin with a third of a pound of seasoned, succulent Angus beef, shaped into a patty. Then we cook it sizzling hot in a burgundy wine sauce to add extra flavor and moisture. Served with your choice of fixings, it's a burger you'll never forget! 

If after considering all the options, you're still in the mood for chicken, you can't go wrong when you try our original fried chicken or one of our Honkin Hooter sandwiches! Our fried chicken is always cooked to order in our secret batter and served fresh and hot at your table. Meanwhile our Honkin Hooter sandwiches offer a healthier option, with boneless chicken breast grilled to perfection, then topped with your choice of cheese, vegetables, and sauces.

Our food is just as delicious as any fancy restaurant in Sparks NV. Try our menu today!
We are located close by Sparks, Reno, Sun Valley, Verdi, Northeast Reno, Hidden Valley,
Midtown, Mira Loma, West University, Northwest Reno, and Spanish Springs, Nevada.